Pairing the device

Using the Wiser Home app, pair your module with the Wiser Hub to access and control the Water heater.
To pair the device:
  1. On the Home page, tap .
  2. Tap Devices > > Appliances > Power Micromodule > Next .
    NOTE: The next screen shows the joining process of device.
  3. Follow any one of the options to pair the module based on your installation:
    • Short press the Setup/Reset button of the module 3 times.
    • Short press the mechanical push-button 3 times.

      The LED first blinks amber.

  4. Wait for a few seconds until the LED turns green.
    The device is joined.
  5. Tap Next > and select a device type:
    • Water Heater: Proceed to step 6.
    • Custom: You can customize the label type of your choice.
      • Choose an icon of your choice (A) and tap Save (B).

  6. Tap and enter a name for the device.
  7. Tap and enter a Nominal power value.
    • The maximum power consumed by the appliance controlled by the module is known as Nominal power. It is the maximum power the module can manage.

    • By default, the value is 2000 W. The nominal power must be between 0 and 3000 W.

    NOTE: The Nominal power value will only be used for the future updates in the Wiser Home app.
  8. Tap Next and assign the device to a new room or an existing room.
  9. Tap Submit.
    Once the pairing process is complete, the device name (example, Water Heater) is listed under All devices in Home page.
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