DUG_Push-button Module, 1-gang/2-gang_WH-04

Setting up the LED Indicator Behaviour

Using the Wiser Home app, you can set the behaviour of the LED indicator on your device to identify the device status.

  1. On the Home page, tap .

  2. Tap Devices > Lights .

  3. Select the device you want to update and tap LED Indicator Behaviour.

    NOTE: If you are unable to find the option in your app, reset the device to factory default and perform the pairing process.
  4. Select one of the following options as per your preference.

    LED On when Power is on

    The LED turns On when the device is On.

    LED Off when Power is on

    The LED turns Off when the device is On.

    Always Off

    The LED stays Off all the time.

    Always On

    The LED stays On all the time.

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