Safety IEC 62040-1: 2017, Edition 2.0, Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) - Part 1: Safety requirements
UL 1778 5th edition
EMC/EMI/RFI IEC 62040-2: 2016, 3rd edition Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) - Part 2: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements C2
FCC Part 15 Subpart B, Class A
IEEE C62.41-1991 Location Category B2, IEEE Recommended Practice on Surge Voltages in Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits
Transportation IEC 60721-4-2 Level 2M1
Seismic ICC-ES AC 156 (2015): OHSPD Pre-approved; Sds=1.33 g for z/h=1 and Sds=1.63 g for z/h=0; Ip= 1.5
Earthing system TN-C, TN-S, TT, IT
Overvoltage category This UPS is OVCII compliant.
If the UPS is installed in an environment with an OVC rating higher than II, an SPD (surge protection device) must be installed upstream of the UPS to reduce the overvoltage category to OVCII.
Protective class I
Pollution degree 2


Performance in accordance with: IEC 62040-3: 2021, 3rd edition Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) - Part 3: Method of specifying the performance and test requirements.

Output performance classification (according to IEC 62040-3, Clause 5.3.4): VFI-SS-11

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