Connect the Power Cables from an Adjacent Modular Battery Cabinet

NOTE: The PE cable (0W49449), the DC cables (0W49426), and the needed bolts and nuts to connect the cables are provided with the modular battery cabinet.
  1. Set the battery breaker BB to the open (OFF) position and disconnect the battery terminals from the front of the battery modules in the modular battery cabinet(s).
  2. Remove the front plate on the UPS.

    Front View of the UPS

  3. Connect the PE cable (0W49449) to the PE busbar in the UPS.
  4. Connect the DC cables (0W49426) to the DC busbars in the UPS.
  5. Route the PE cable and the DC cables from the rear of the UPS towards the front and up in the gap between modular battery cabinet 1 and the UPS.

    Rear View of the UPS

  6. Route the PE cable and the DC cables into modular battery cabinet 1 and connect the PE cable and DC cables in modular battery cabinet 1.

    Front View of Adjacent Modular Battery Cabinet 1 and the UPS

  7. Reinstall the front plate.
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