Creating a Project

NOTE: Before creating a new project, you must know the type of PLC model and PLC backplane required to integrate into the project.

Perform the below steps to create a project:




Open EcoStruxure Contol Expert Classic software.


Click File > New.

Result: List of PLCs is displayed on the screen.


Select a PLC Modicon M580 according to the hardware that will be used for the project.

  1. In the PLC window, click Modicon M580

  2. In the Rack window, expand Modicon M580 local drop and select a rack

  3. Click OK.


    1. A processing command window appears. Wait for some time to complete the processing of the configuration files.

    2. When the processing of files is completed, the Security enforcement window is displayed on the screen.


To manage a password, perform one of the following steps as required:

  • Create a new password for the project and click OK.

  • Click Cancel if password is not required.

Result: The structure of the project is created and displayed in the Project Browser window.


Double-click the Configuration folder in the Structural view.

Result: The physical view of the device configuration is displayed on the screen.

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