DUG_Push-button Module, 1-gang/2-gang_WH-04

Pairing the device

Using the Wiser Home app, pair your Push-button module (mounted on the insert) with the Wiser Hub to access and control the control the insert behind it.
To pair the 1-gang Push-button module:
  1. On the Home page, tap .
  2. Tap Devices > and tap Lights > 1-gang > Next .
    • 1-gang Push-button module for switch, dimmer and shutter.

    • 2-gang Push-button module for switch and dimmer.

  3. Short press the top-center of the 1-gang Push-button module three times.
    TIP: In case of 2-gang Push-button module, short press the top-right Push-button module three times.

    Make sure led blinks amber.

    TIP: The next screen shows the joining process of the 1-gang Push-button module.
  4. Wait for a few seconds until the LED turns green. The 1-gang Push-button module is joined.
  5. Tap , enter a name of the device (example, switch, dimmer, shutter) tap Next and assign the device to a new room or an existing room.
    • If you have assigned the name as switch or dimmer, tap Next. Once the pairing process is completed, the device name is listed under All devices in Home page.
    • If you have assigned the name as shutter, proceed from step 6 to step 10.
  6. Tap Next > and select a Device Type:
    If you have selected the device type as:
    • Shutter: Proceed to step 7.
    • Shutter with tilting slats: Proceed to step 8 and step 9.
  7. Tap Shutter > Next and enter the open/close duration of shutter. Refer to Setting default run time.
  8. Tap Shutter with tilting slats > Slat Type , select a slat type and tap Set:
    • Horizontal
    • Tilted
    • Vertical
  9. Tap Next and enter the following durations:
    1. Open duration: Time taken to open the shutter.
    2. Close duration: Time taken to close the shutter.
    3. Tilt duration: Time taken to rotate the slats completely from closed to open position.
  10. Tap Submit.
    Once the pairing process is completed, the device name is listed under All devices in Home page.
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