Branch Circuit Breakers

E-frame circuit breakers are available in 1P, 2P, 3P, and 1P EPD type. Ampere ratings start at 15 A and go up to 125 A (100 A at 600 Vac). Optional factory-installed electrical accessories include: 120 Vac shunt trip, 1A/1B auxiliary switch, and normally open alarm switch.

E-frame, Thermal-magnetic

(See Digest 178, Section 9)

  • 1-pole, 277 Vac (347 Vac for Canada)

  • 2-pole, 480Y/277 Vac (600Y/347 Vac for Canada)

  • 3-pole, 480Y/277 Vac (600Y/347 Vac for Canada)

  • Equipment protection devices (EPDs), 1-pole, 277 Vac, thermal-magnetic with 30 mA ground-fault protection

E-frame NF Branch Circuit Breaker Part Numbering

E D B 1 4 15  
          Ampere rating
        Voltage rating:
4 = 480Y/277 Vac
6* = 600Y/347 Vac
      Number of poles: 1, 2, or 3
    Bolt-on construction
  Breaking capacity code: D, G, or J
Frame type
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