Factory Assembled Options and Interiors

Ready to install (RTI) interiors are also available factory assembled (with main, sub-feed, and/or branch circuit breakers, sub-feed or through feed lugs, and aluminum, copper, or 200% neutrals).

Some options are only available factory assembled (or as part of a custom OEM commercial reference):

  • PowerPact L main circuit breaker (up to 600 A)

  • PowerPact J 250 A main circuit breaker interior

  • Feed-through lugs, sub-feed lugs, or sub-feed circuit breakers on 600 A interiors

  • Name plates

  • Lighting contactors

  • Canadian service entrance barriers

  • Boxes wider than 20" (26", 32")

  • Stainless steel and fiberglass enclosures

  • Power meters or circuit monitors

Some Interior Types are only Available Factory Assembled:

IP2X per 60529 Fingersafe

Factory-installed IP2X for NQ Lighting and Appliance Panelboards from Square D by Schneider ElectricTM reduce the risk of electrical shock, when someone is working near energized components. IP2X barriers are designed to prevent people from accessing hazardous parts with a finger.

  • Plastic barriers cover mains (lugs or circuit breaker), copper bus, and branch circuit breakers

    • IP2X per IEC 60529 on all ungrounded parts

  • Supports 240 Vac maximum—3-phase, 3- and 4-wire systems

  • Installs in most environments—NEMA 1, 2, 3R, 4/4X, 5, or 12 (up to 225 A)

    • NEMA 1 panelboards up to 400 A

  • Available with main lugs, PowerPact Q-, H-, J-frame, and LA/LH main circuit breakers

To read more about Fingersafe IP2X per IEC 60529 Barriers for NQ Panelboards, refer to document 1640BR1701.

Separated Distribution, Split Bus

Square D NF and NQ separated distribution and split bus panelboards come factory assembled with copper bus, with or without an integral main circuit breaker.

Separated distribution panelboards simplify the future installation of current transformers (CTs) for the metering of electrical power and energy as required by Section 130.5-B of California's 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Special lug pad adaptors allow field removal of cables, for easy field installation of a wide variety of solid core and split core CTs for electrical energy measurement, by load type.

Split Bus Panelboards enable two or three independent branch distribution sections to be fed from dedicated main circuit breakers, in a single enclosure.

Example NQ Split Bus Panelboards

Catalog Number Main Mains Amps Main Pole Spaces Split 1 Amps Split 1 Pole Spaces Split 2 Amps Split 2 Pole Spaces Bus Material Deadfront Rails Length (in./mm) Neutral Assembly


QB 200 30 125 18 125 18 CU Yes 57.9/1470 AL


MLO 225 30 125 18 125 18 CU Yes 57.9/1470 AL

For more detailed info about Square D NQ separated distribution and split bus panelboards please review document: 1600HO1701, Separated Distribution and Split Bus Panelboards.

Power Meters and Circuit Monitors (Mains and/or Branches)

PM5000 series and PM8000 series power meters are available for NQ or NF panelboards. Factory assembled power meters are mounted in a 7 inch wide extension on the side of the enclosure.

EM3550 series circuit monitors are also available for NQ panelboards. Addition of an EM3555 or EM3560 adds 6 inches to the length of the panel.

PowerLogic branch circuit power monitoring (BCPM) current transformer strips and power modules panelboards may be integrated into NQ or NF panelboards.

Please refer to Power System Catalog 3000CT1701 for more information about power meters and circuit monitors.

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