NF Main/Sub-Feed Breakers and Kits

View Digest 178, Section 7 and PowerPact H, J, L or LA, LH, Q4 catalogs for more information on the molded case circuit breakers qualified for use as main or sub-feed circuit breakers in NF Panelboards.

Ready to install (RTI) kits are available to simplify the addition of a main circuit breaker or sub-feed circuit breaker to most main lug NF panelboards with main lugs only.

Main Circuit Breakers and Kits

(See Digest 178, Section 9)

  • RTI to 400 A (LA/LH frame)

    • Branch mounted to 125 A (ExB)

    • Electronic trip to 250 A (H, J Frame)

  • Factory assembled (FA) to 600 A

    • Electronic trip available (PowerPact H, J, L frame)

Sub-feed Circuit Breakers and Kits

(See Digest 178, Section 9)

  • Single Sub-Feed Circuit Breaker (SFB)

  • Two SFB (to 250 A) only for 400 A

  • Factory assembled only for 600 A

NF Main and Sub-Feed Circuit Breaker Kits Part Numbering

NF 400 SFB H  
      H, or J = Circuit breaker frame
    Blank = Main circuit breaker
SFB = Sub-feed circuit breaker
  Ampacity rating: 150, 250, 400, 600
N = Main circuit breaker kit
NF = Sub-Feed Circuit Breaker kit
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