Branch Circuit Breakers (Bolt-On or Plug-On)

NQ circuit breaker panelboards accept almost all QO and QOB branch circuit breakers. Review Catalog 0730CT9801 and Digest 178, Section 9 for information on standard interrupting QOB 10,000 AIR bolt-on circuit breakers, high interrupting QOB-VH 22,000 AIR circuit breakers, very high interrupting QHB 65,000 AIR, and specialty circuit breakers.

QOB NQ Branch Circuit Breaker Part Numbering

QO B 2 20 VH  
        Blank = Standard 10 kA AIR*
VH = 22 kA AIR
      Ampere Rating (10 A–150 A)
    Number of poles (1, 2, or 3)
  B = Bolt-on
Blank = Plug-on
Circuit breaker frame
QO = Standard
QH = 65 kA AIR
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