Configure Trace Tools

Before using ArcFM Trace Tools in ArcFM Viewer they must be configured according to the instructions provided in the Configuring ArcFM Solution topic in the Desktop Configuration Guide. In addition to the standard configuration ArcFM Viewer requires an additional model name.

IMPORTANT: ArcFM Viewer does not provide configuration tools in ArcCatalog. You must configure your geodatabase using an ArcFM license.

The following model names must be assigned to all network edge feature classes that may participate in an ArcFM trace.

Feature Class

Model Name

All Electric Network Edge feature classes that participate in electric tracing


All Gas Network Edge feature classes that participate in gas tracing


All Water Network Edge feature classes that participate in water tracing


Refer to the assign model names topic in ArcCatalog Tools for information about assigning them to feature classes.

IMPORTANT: Feeder Manager 2.0 and ArcFM Viewer: If you configure your data for Feeder Manager 2.0 only, you can view it in ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine. You cannot, however, edit feeder data in mobile sessions. If you do so, the ArcFM Viewer display doesn’t reflect your changes.
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