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Due to so many links to topics everywhere, and so many repeat, duplicate topics, I am placing this comment in topics I’ve already fixed that I know are linked to a bunch or that I know I have seen a bunch and that I want to ensure aren’t duplicates or see if I can reuse something {this is the case for Enable Dir Browsing and Configure Bits}. AMS 12/2018

This step is necessary for all Engine Mobile users, regardless of whether you're using Geodatabase Replication

Ensure that any Windows users who will be accessing Engine Mobile have the necessary permissions to create and delete files on the enterprise Process Framework directory (e.g., ProcessFrameworkServer) and its subdirectories. 

  1. On the Enterprise machine, browse to the Engine Mobile directory (e.g., ReplicationServer, ProcessFrameworkServer).
  2. Right-click the directory and select Properties.
  3. Select the Security tab.
  4. If the Everyone group exists in the list, select it and click Edit. Skip to step 8.
  5. Click Add. Windows 7: Click Edit, then click Add.
  6. Type Everyone in the "Enter the object names to select" field and click OK.
  7. Select the Everyone group and select the checkboxes for all permissions available except Special Permissions. You can also create a separate group including only Engine Mobile users or assign permissions individually. Click OK.

  8. Click the Advanced button to display the Advanced Security Settings.
  9. Ensure the Apply To field for the Everyone group indicates "This folder, subfolders and files." If it doesn't, select the row and click Change Permissions, and then click Edit. 

  10. From the Apply To field, select "This folder, subfolders and files."

  11. Click OK to dismiss the Permission Entry window.
  12. Click OK to dismiss the Advanced Security Settings window.
  13. Click OK to dismiss the Properties window.
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