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If you want to use Process Framework on an Oracle or SQL database, you must first set up the database. The ArcFM and Designer installs include scripts to help you easily set up your database for use with Session Manager or Workflow Manager. If you wish to use the sample Access databases (SessionManager.mdb or WorkflowManager.mdb) included with the ArcFM and Designer installs, set up with the scripts discussed in this section is not required.

System Requirements:

In order to access the Process Framework on an enterprise database system (non-MS Access database), the appropriate database client must be installed on the user’s machine. Refer to the ArcFM Desktop Read Me file for your current release for system requirement information.

Process Framework supports both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Scripts are provided with the install of ArcFM and Designer that will create the system tables required by the Process Framework. SQL scripts are located in the Documentation/Process Framework Enterprise/MS-SQL directory of the ArcFM Solution installation folder. Oracle scripts are located in the Documentation/Process Framework Enterprise/Oracle directory of the ArcFM Solution installation folder.

Sample Data: A sample Access database for Session Manager is provided with ArcFM (SessionManager.mdb). The Designer installation includes a sample Access database for Workflow Manager (WorkflowManager.mdb). Both sample databases are located in Sample Data/Databases of the ArcFM Solution installation folder. You may use the Process Framework Administration tool to export an XML file from either of these sample databases, and import into your own Process Framework database.

Upgrade Session Manager/Workflow Manager

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Process Framework, you may need to utilize the Process Framework Database Upgrade tool (PxDatabaseUpdater.exe). You may also need to add tasks, roles, etc., using the Process Framework Administration Tool. To do this, follow the upgrade Session Manager or upgrade Workflow Manager procedures to upgrade to the appropriate version.

This section also contains descriptions of the subtasks utilized by Process Framework and its extensions.

Password Protection: ArcFM supports user-level security on Access databases. When connecting to a secure Access database, just enter the proper user name and password on the Process Framework login screen. If there is no user level security on the Access database, only a user name is required. Secure Access databases are supported when they contain only Process Framework information. Note that password-protected Access databases are NOT supported by Esri. Access geodatabases cannot be password-protected.

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