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If your Engine Mobile users will be placing redline graphics in the field, then you will need to populate the login or backdrop database with graphic favorites before sending it to the field machines. There are a few ways to do this.

Sample Graphics: The login database provided with the ArcFM sample data contains sample graphic favorites. You may choose to use these. No further configuration is required.

Create Graphics: Open the backdrop or login database in ArcMap and use the Graphics tab to create graphics. With an edit session started, select a graphic on the map, right-click the Graphics tab and select Create Graphic Favorite.

Import Graphics: You can use the ArcFM System Favorites tool in ArcCatalog to export graphics from an existing geodatabase and import that XML into your backdrop or login database. Note that the Graphics tab in the ArcFM System Favorites Manager does not display the graphic favorites in the database. Also, if you import graphic favorites into a database that already has graphic favorites (such as the Login database provided with the sample data), all existing graphic favorites will be overwritten.

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