Configure Layers Overview Window

The Layers Overview window displays the full extent of a layer (e.g., street edge). A red box on the Layers Overview window shows the location viewed in the Map Display tab in relation to the full extent. The user may right-click in the Layers Overview window to select the layer to be displayed. Layers must be assigned the OVERVIEWWINDOW model name in order to appear in this list. This model name may be assigned ONLY to linear or polygon feature classes. If it is assigned to a point feature class, the layer will not appear in the Overview window.

To add layers that may be displayed in the Overview Layers window, select the layer in ArcCatalog, right-click and select ArcFM Properties Manager. On the Model Names tab, assign the OVERVIEWWINDOW model name. If this model name isn't in the Domain Independent Object Class Model Name domain, you may need to add it.

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