Converting Workspace Packets to XML Packets

Mobile uses only XML packets to transfer information between the field and Enterprise. Workspace packets on existing sessions and designs are no longer supported. Any attempt to open or send existing sessions and designs that use workspace packets will fail. You need to convert all workspace packets to XML. There are several available methods for converting your existing workspace packets to XML.

  • Manual Conversion: This option is best if you don't have many existing sessions or designs with workspace packets. More detailed instructions are included below.

  • Gradual Conversion: Assign the Convert to XML Packet subtask to the tasks which open designs or sessions on the Enterprise database.  You can also assign this subtask to any task which sends designs or sessions to the field. Each time an editor opens a session or design on the Enterprise or sends a session or design to the field, the associated workspace packet (if one exists) is converted to XML.  If you choose this option, the Convert to XML Packet subtask should be the first subtask on the Open or Send to Field tasks. Once you have converted all workspace packets, remove the Convert to XML Packet subtask from the tasks to ensure the best performance.

  • Attrition: If you're confident that all existing sessions and designs will be closed before the next release, you can do nothing. Once posted, the packet is removed from the system. All new Mobile sessions and designs are automatically created with XML packets.

  • Batch Process: You can use a batch process to run the Convert to XML Packet subtask and convert all existing workspace packets to XML packets. This option requires customization.

Note About Packet Adapters: All custom packet adapters must be updated to in order for existing workspace packets to be successfully converted to XML packets. This process is discussed in the ArcFM Solution Developer Guide.

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