Using Feeder Manager 2.0 When Running Engine Mobile

IMPORTANT: If you are using Feeder Manager 2.0, editing data which causes changes in the Electric Network using Mobile Sessions and Designs is not supported. Feeder Manager 2.0 data will not update after replaying mobile sessions and therefore users could see incorrect Feeder Manager 2.0 data.

Upgrading to Feeder Manager 2.0 on an Existing Engine Mobile Backdrop

Do the following to upgrade an existing Engine Mobile backdrop that currently supports Feeder Manager 1.0 to Feeder Manager 2.0:

On an enterprise machine:

  1. Copy your initial extract database to a location that will be the same as the location of the database once it is on a field machine (for example C:\Mobile\Client Base).
  2. In ArcCatalog, enable Feeder Manager 2.0 on that database.
  3. In ArcMap, log in to that database and open any electric stored displays. Ensure you see the Feeder Manager 2.0 joins on electric network features and then save the stored display.
  4. Copy that database back into your initial extract folder.
  5. Delete all previous replicas of that database to force a full download of the initial extract.
  6. Run Replication server.

    On field machines (after running the above steps on the replication server/enterprise machine), run Replication client. A full download occurs. After this is complete, you can view Feeder Manager 2.0 data in your field database.

Using Feeder Manager 2.0 After Creating a New Engine Mobile Backdrop

When creating a new geodatabase backdrop, follow all steps for creating the backdrop for the type of Engine Mobile solution you require, and then enable Feeder Manager 2.0 on the backdrop.

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