Mount the Battery Breaker Kit in a Grounded Metal Box

risk of equipment damage
Mount the battery breaker kit in a grounded metal box with enough cable bending space and clearance. The mounting surface should be flat and able to support the weight of the battery breaker kit.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in injury or equipment damage.
  Minimum Dimensions of Metal Box HxWxD (mm) Minimum Ventilation Surface (mm²)
Battery breaker kit E3MBBK60K80H 650x500x280 65000
Battery breaker kit E3MBBK100K200H 800x500x280 120000



  1. Measure and mark the holes for mounting the battery breaker kit in the metal box.
  2. Drill holes in each of the marked locations.
  3. Mount the battery breaker kit in the metal box.
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