New Features

This topic (New Features) is shared and profiled between PAS400, 600 and 800.

  • New Notifications page provides journal of alarms, for display only.

  • New functionalities provided in the Trending menu

    • Comparison mode is available in Aggregated view in addition to Device view.

    • Comparison mode supports comparison of integrated data (for example, active energy)

  • Improvement of commissioning of Modbus devices to enable reading of Modbus-SL device registers through webpages

  • For devices connected downstream to an I/O Smart Link device:

    • Addition of the contextualization of the signal element for standard I/O devices

    • Support of predefined values in the contextualization of pulse counter devices

  • Modbus devices webpage: additionally displays name and version of custom model used

  • Improvement in commissioning of wireless PowerTag Energy devices

  • Custom device model: supports units defined in custom measurement in Panel Server webpages (for example, Modbus devices, Trending menu, Monitoring and Control menu)

    NOTE: Units are not published to the Cloud.

  • Wireless PowerTag Control devices:

    • Full integration of following devices:

      • PowerTag C IO 230V digital input output module (A9XMC1D3)

      • PowerTag C 2DI 230V digital input module (A9XMC2D3)

    • Support of contactor with feedback loop configuration

    • Support of impulse relay configuration

    • Enable/disable local control from webpages

  • Data sampling: popup message is displayed in the webpages when number of sampled data of paired Modbus or wireless devices is close to 90% of or exceeds the system sampling limit. Recommended action is provided.

    • For wireless devices: in the Wireless devices > Wireless discovery webpage

    • For Modbus devices in the Modbus addition webpage

  • Webpage user experience improved:

    • Trending menu

      • Same default periods in Trending and Home menus

      • Start time in a period is preserved when compare mode is activated or disabled

      • Curves or barcharts are displayed with background grid for better readability

      • Use buttons to select or deselect a curve or barchart in a graph

      • Direct access via icon to Trending - Aggregated view page from Home page

    • Monitoring and Control menu: all digits of energy data values are displayed (scientific notation no longer used)

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