Firmware Update with EcoStruxure Panel Server Webpages

To update the firmware with the Panel Server webpages, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure that the Panel Server is continuously powered during the firmware update.

  2. From your Schneider Electric country website, download the latest version of Panel Server firmware on your PC.

    NOTE: Ensure that you select the firmware update suitable for your Panel Server model.

  3. Connect your PC to the Panel Server via an Ethernet cable.

  4. Follow the procedure described in DOCA0172EN EcoStruxure Panel Server  - User Guide to access the Panel Server webpages.

  5. From the Panel Server webpages, select Maintenance > Firmware update > Firmware update .

  6. Import the firmware file and follow the instructions.

  7. Reboot the Panel Server to update the firmware.

    NOTE: The Panel Server webpages cannot be accessed while the Panel Server is rebooting.

  8. After the reboot, check that the firmware version is the latest to make sure that the update is effective.

    If the firmware version is still the old one, perform the firmware update again.

    If the problem persists, contact your Schneider Electric customer support.

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