Connect the Signal Cables

Overview of Signal Connection Terminals in the UPS

NOTE: Route the signal cables separately from the power cables and route the Class 2/SELV cables separately from the non-Class 2/non-SELV cables. A divider inside the cable channel separates the cables.

Distance from UPS to equipment Recommended signal cable size
50 m (164 feet) 0.5 mm2 20 AWG
100 m (328 feet) 0.75 mm2 18 AWG
200 m (656 feet) 1 mm2 17 AWG

  1. Connect the Class 2/SELV signal cables from the building EPO to terminal J6600 in the UPS according to one of the options below.

    The EPO circuit is considered Class 2/SELV. Class 2/SELV circuits must be isolated from the primary circuitry. Do not connect any circuit to the EPO terminal block unless it can be confirmed that the circuit is Class 2/SELV.

    EPO Configurations (Terminal J6600, 1-9)

    The EPO input supports 24 VDC.

    NOTE: The default setting for the EPO activation is to turn off the inverter.

    If you want the EPO activation to transfer the UPS into forced static bypass operation instead, please contact Schneider Electric.

  2. Connect the Class 2/SELV signal cables to the input contacts and output relays in the UPS.

    Do not connect any circuit to the input contacts unless it can be confirmed that the circuit is Class 2/SELV.

    The input contacts support 24 VDC 10 mA. All circuits connected must have the same 0 V reference.

    Name Description Location
    IN _1 (input contact 1) Configurable input contact Terminal J6616, 1-2
    IN _2 (input contact 2) Terminal J6616, 3-4
    IN _3 (input contact 3) Terminal J6616, 5-6
    IN _4 (input contact 4) Terminal J6616, 7-8

    The output relays support 24 VAC/VDC 1 A. All external circuitry must be fused with maximum 1 A fast acting fuses.

    Name Description Location
    OUT _1 (output relay 1) Configurable output relay Terminal J6617, 1-3
    OUT _2 (output relay 2) Terminal J6617, 4-6
    OUT _3 (output relay 3) Terminal J6617, 7-9
    OUT _4 (output relay 4) Terminal J6617, 10-12
  3. Connect the signal cables from the auxiliary products to the UPS. Follow the instructions in the auxiliary product manuals.
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