Connect the Signal Cables

  1. Unplug the three preconnected signal cables 0W49283, 0W49284, and 0W76723 from the maintenance bypass cabinet for easier cable routing.
  2. Connect the Class 2/SELV signal cables 0W49283 (breaker indicator lights) and 0W76723 (transformer thermal sensor) to board 640-4864 in the UPS as shown.
  3. Connect the non-Class 2/non-SELV signal cable 0W49284 (breaker AUX switches) to board 640-4843 in the UPS as shown.
  4. Route the signal cables down through the cable channel in the right side of the UPS and into the maintenance bypass cabinet through the cable entry opening.
    NOTE: Route the signal cables as far away from the power cables as possible to avoid EMC disturbance.

    Front View of the UPS and the Maintenance Bypass Cabinet

  5. Reconnect the signal cables at the cable connection point in the maintenance bypass cabinet.
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