Prewired Connection System

Refer to Catalog 8501CT9801

TELEFAST™ 2 Prewired Connection System

The TELEFAST 2 system is a set of products for the rapid connection of I/O modules (24 Vdc discrete, analog and counters) to Various control circuit components. These components act as a substitute for screw terminal blocks, remotely locating and partly eliminating the single wire connections. The system connects only to channels with HE10 and SUB-D connectors, or to standard terminal blocks with a cabled connector.

Variations within the listing of modules include those with and without relays (electromechanical and solid state), analog and counter modules, and special function modules.

Pre-wired cables available allow you to connect directly to:

  • Schneider Electric (Modicon™ family)

    • Premium PAC

    • TSX Micro PLC

    • TSX Series 7

    • Twido PLC

    • Quantum PAC

    • Compact

    • April S5000/7000

    • NUM1020/1060-M340 PAC-M580 PAC-M221 PLC

  • Siemens

    • S7 – 200/300/400

    • S5 – 95U to 155U

  • Allen-Bradley

    • SLC500

In addition, other accessories include:

  • I/O simulators

  • Continuity blocks

  • Label marking software

  • Splitter bases (16, 23, and 32 channels)

  • Mounting kits

  • Detachable terminal strips

  • Wiring pass-through connectors

  • Fuses

Advantys Telefast 2 Product Features


Not all features are available on all modules.

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