Date Management


Each module of the IMU uses its date to time-stamp events and history registers.

The date of the IMU modules is updated in two steps:

  1. External synchronization: The Modbus master synchronizes the IFM or IFE interface.

  2. Internal synchronization: The IFM or IFE interface synchronizes all ULP modules connected in the IMU.

External Synchronization

There are three ways to externally synchronize the IFM or IFE interface:

  • Manually with the EcoStruxure Power Commission Software.

  • By programming of the Modbus master using:

    • either the Modbus function set date and time: function code 43-16 Write Functions.

    • or, the interface command set absolute time through the IFM, or IFE interface.

  • Automatically:

    • With IFE interface configured as SNTP mode.

The communication interface is considered as externally synchronized if the last synchronization has occurred within the last 2 hours.

Internal Synchronization

When the IFM or IFE interface receives the date and time, it broadcasts the date and time to all the ULP modules connected in the IMU.