EcoStruxure Power Commission Software


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EcoStruxureTM Power Commission is the new name of Ecoreach software.

EcoStruxure Power Commission software helps you to manage a project as part of testing, commissioning, and maintenance phases of the project life cycle. The innovative features in it provide simple ways to configure, test, and commission the smart electrical devices.

EcoStruxure Power Commission software automatically discovers the smart devices and allows you to add the devices for an easy configuration. You can generate comprehensive reports as part of Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance Test to replace your heavy manual work. Additionally, when the panels are under operation, any change of settings made can be easily identified by a yellow highlighter. This indicates the difference between the project and device values, and hence provides a system consistency during the operation and maintenance phase.

EcoStruxure Power Commission software enables the configuration of the following circuit breakers, modules, and accessories:

Circuit breaker ranges



MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers

  • MicroLogic X control unit

  • Communication interface modules: IFM interface, IFE interface, IFE server, and EIFE interface

  • ULP modules: IO module

    , FDM121 display*

M2C output module

  • MasterPact NT/NW circuit breakers

  • ComPacT NS circuit breakers

  • PowerPacT P- and R-frame circuit breakers

  • MicroLogic trip units

  • Communication interface modules: BCM module, CCM module, BCM ULP module, IFM interface, IFE interface, IFE server

  • ULP modules: IO module, FDM121 display*

M2C and M6C output modules

  • ComPacT NSX circuit breakers

  • PowerPacT H-, J- and L-frame circuit breakers

  • MicroLogic trip units

  • Communication interface modules: BSCM module, IFM interface, IFE interface, IFE server

  • ULP modules: IO module, FDM121 display*

SDTAM and SDx output modules

For more information, refer to the EcoStruxure Power Commission Online Help.

EcoStruxure Power Commission software is available at

Key Features

@TechPub Writer (10/2016): Variables used in the block “Key Features” are shared in maps D-SE-0059996 and D-SE-0052515.

EcoStruxure Power Commission software performs the following actions for the supported devices and modules:

  • Create projects by device discovery

  • Save the project in the EcoStruxure Power Commission cloud for reference

  • Upload settings to the device and download settings from the device

  • Compare the settings between the project and the device

  • Perform control actions in a secured way

  • Generate and print the device settings report

  • Perform a communication wiring test on the entire project and generate and print test report

  • View the communication architecture between the devices in a graphical representation

  • View the measurements, logs, and maintenance information

  • Export Waveform Capture on Trip Event (WFC)

  • View the status of device and IO module

  • View the alarm details

  • Buy, install, remove, or retrieve the Digital Modules

  • Check the system firmware compatibility status

  • Update to the latest device firmware

  • Perform force trip and automatic trip curve tests