Start up and Add a UPS to a Running Parallel System

Use this procedure to start up a UPS and add it to a running parallel system.

IMPORTANT: Before a UPS can be added to a parallel system, the parallel system must be configured by Schneider Electric.

  1. On the new UPS check that:
    1. All UPS breakers (unit input breaker UIB, static switch input breaker SSIB, and unit output breaker UOB) are in the OFF (open) position.
    2. The battery breaker(s) BB are in the OFF (open) position.
  2. Turn the unit input breaker UIB of the UPS to the ON (closed) position. Check that the PFC mimic status is normal. Then turn the static switch input breaker SSIB of the UPS to the ON (closed) position, check that the bypass LED is off and turn the unit output breaker UOB of the UPS to the ON (closed) position.

    When the inverter LED turns steady green, the UPS has joined the running parallel system.

    The LEDs on the user interface show as follows:

    NOTE: If autostart is disabled, the inverter and bypass will not restart automatically. From the home screen on the display select Control > Inverter ON/OFF > Turn Single INV ON .
  3. Turn the battery breaker(s) BB of the UPS to the ON (closed) position.
  4. Verify correct load sharing between the parallel UPS units.
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