Interconnect the UPS with the Maintenance Bypass Cabinet

  1. Push the UPS into position next to the maintenance bypass cabinet. Align with seismic anchoring, if present.
  2. Lower the front and rear leveling feet on the maintenance bypass cabinet and on the UPS with a wrench until they connect with the floor. The casters must not have contact with the floor. Use a bubble-leveler to check that the cabinet is level.
    Risk of equipment damage
    Do not move the cabinet after the leveling feet have been lowered.
    Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.
  3. Interconnect the maintenance bypass cabinet and the UPS in the front with screws as shown
  4. Install the top bracket. The top bracket was removed from the side of the maintenance bypass cabinet earlier.
  5. Open the inner door in the UPS.
  6. Remove the two special screws from the UPS and use for rear interconnection between the maintenance bypass cabinet and the UPS as shown.
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