Connect the Signal Cables for Easy UPS 3S and Easy UPS 3M

NOTE: Route the signal cables separately from the power cables and route the Class 2/SELV cables separately from the non-Class 2/non-SELV cables.
  1. Remove the three breaker indicator lights and the breaker indicator light labels from the maintenance bypass panel. The breaker indicator lights are not supported with the Easy UPS 3S and the Easy UPS 3M.
  2. Install three round blanking plugs (not provided) in the holes in the inner door.
  3. On the control terminal block, remove the internal connections for the breaker indicator lights (pin 1-6).
  4. On the control terminal block, modify the internal connection for the MBB AUX switches (pin 11-14) from Normally Closed (NC) to Normally Open (NO).
  5. Connect the non-Class 2/non-SELV signal cables from the control terminal block in the parallel maintenance bypass panel to UPS 1 and UPS 2. Follow one of the options below:
    • For Easy UPS 3S: Connect to J5 in the UPSs OR to J6 and J7 in the UPSs.
    • For Easy UPS 3M: Connect to J8 in the UPSs.

    Easy UPS 3S

    Easy UPS 3S

    Easy UPS 3M

  6. Pull up the slack in the signal cables and fasten the signal cables to the cable reliefs.
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