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Document Scope

The aim of this document is to provide the users, installers, and maintenance personnel with the technical information and procedures needed to access and maintain the Link150 web server.

Validity Note

This guide is valid for all firmware versions of the Link150 gateway.

Online Information

The technical characteristics of the devices described in the present document also appear online. To access the information online, go to the Schneider Electric home page

The characteristics that are described in the present document should be the same as those characteristics that appear online. In line with our policy of constant improvement, we may revise content over time to improve clarity and accuracy. If you see a difference between the document and online information, use the online information as your reference.

Related Documents

The following table lists the documents that are compatible with a Link150 gateway with the latest firmware version:

Title of Documentation

Publication date

Reference Number

Link150 Ethernet Gateway Instruction Sheet



Link150 Ethernet Gateway Firmware Release Note



Link150 Ethernet Gateway Firmware Upgrade Tool — User Guide



You can download these technical publications and other technical information from our website at

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