System Log Configuration

Configuring the system log

This page allows the user to set a system log server to receive the various log events on a specific interval.

You can choose the category and severity of events to be received.

NOTE: By default, all the Security events will be sent to the server if the service is enabled.

  1. Click Settings > Communication > System Log.

  2. Modify the parameters as required.




System Log Service



Enable or disable the system log service.

System Log Server Settings

System Log server Address


Enter the server name or IP address.

Connection Mode


  • TCP

  • UDP

Select the mode.

System Log Server Port

1 to 65534

Enter the system log server port number.

System Log Export Settings

Export Interval

0 to 3600

NOTE: Default 60

Enter the interval duration for exporting the log data in seconds.

Export Filters


  • Application

  • Security

  • System

  • Other

  • All

Select the category of the events.

NOTE: The events with category Security are always transferred irrespective of the selection in severity filters.


  • Alert

  • Critical

  • Debug

  • Emergency

  • Error

  • Information

  • Notice

  • Warning

  • All

Select the severity of the event.

System Log Test


Test connection

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