Read Device Registers


This page allows the Link150 gateway to read Modbus registers from the selected device.

Read Procedure





On the Link150 menu bar, click Diagnostics.

Opens the Diagnostics menu.


From the Diagnostics menu, in the Communication submenu, click Read Device Registers.

Opens the Read Device Registers page.


Select the device from the Device Name list.

Selects the device from the list.


Enter Local ID (or choose from the defined device list), Starting Register, and then Number of Registers.

Enters the registers to read from the specified device.

NOTE: The Local ID parameter is disabled in slave mode.


Select the Data Type.

Selects the appropriate data type.


To change how Modbus data is displayed in the Value column, select Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary, or ASCII.

Selects how the data values are displayed.


Click Read.

Reads the device register according to the selected configuration.

Link150 Read Device Register Parameters




Device Name

Selects a device to read from the list of previously added devices.

NOTE: When the device is in slave mode, the Read button is available even if a name is not selected from the Device Name list.


Local ID

The address (Local ID) of the device that is to be read.

NOTE: The Local ID parameter is disabled in slave mode.

1 (Factory setting)

Starting Register

Register number in decimal.

  • 0–65535

  • 1000 (Factory setting)

Number of Registers

The number of registers to read.

  • 1–125

  • 10 (Factory setting)


Lists the register numbers in decimal.



Lists the data stored for a register. Values retrieved depend on the device connected to the Link150 gateway. Refer to the documentation for the connected device for more information about stored register values.


Data Type

Lists the data types available for the device.

  • Holding Registers (Factory setting)

  • Input Registers

  • Input Coils

  • Output Coils

Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary, ASCII options

Selects an option to specify how the Value column data is displayed.

Decimal (Factory setting)

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