Description of a Circuit Breaker with a 9422 Toggle Handle

Class 9422 Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanism

Class 9422 Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanisms are designed for installation in custom-built control enclosures where main or branch circuit protective devices are required. All circuit breaker operating mechanisms are suitable for either right- or left-hand flange mounting and are convertible on site.

Complete 9422 Kits

Complete kits are rated for NEMA Type 1, 3R and 12 enclosures, and a door-drilling template is supplied to ease installation. They include a handle assembly, operating mechanism, and shaft assembly.

Class 9422 Flexible Cable Operating Mechanisms

For tall, deep enclosures where placement flexibility is required, it is possible to use a flexible cable operating mechanism with the Class 9422Ax handle for the PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker.

PowerPact B Front Face with 9422 Toggle Handle

The controls, indicators, and locking mechanism are located as follows:

  • The operating control is on the enclosure.

  • The operation indicators are on the circuit breaker and on the handle operator.

  • The locking mechanism is on the handle operator.

The following figure shows the Class 9422 operating mechanism and a Class 9422 operating mechanism

with a flange-mounted toggle handle. The handle is sold separately

9422 Operating Mechanism

9422 Operating Mechanism with Flange-Mounted Handle

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