Description of a Circuit Breaker with a Front Extended Rotary Handle

PowerPact B Front Face with Front Extended Handle

The controls, indicators, and locking mechanism are located on the following parts of the circuit breaker:

  • The operating control is on the enclosure door.

  • The operation indicators are on the circuit breaker and on the door plate.

  • The locking mechanism is on the circuit breaker (door open) or on the door plate (door closed).

To operate the circuit breaker when the door is open, use an open door shaft operator, available as an accessory.

The following figures show the controls and indicators for a circuit breaker with a front extended rotary handle. Information about the other parts of the front face is available in the general description (see Unit-Mount Circuit Breaker Description).

  1. Device identification

  2. Open door shaft operator

  3. QR code

  4. Push-to-trip button

  5. Door operator

QR Code

Scan the QR code to get additional information about the circuit breaker from the Schneider Electric web site. To scan the QR code, use a smartphone that is equipped with a camera and installed with a QR code reader.

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