I-Line Devices

I-Line Circuit Breaker Description

  1. I-Line connectors

  2. SD presence indicator

  3. QR code to product information

  4. Termination information and IEC interrupting ratings

  5. Product and accessory data labels

  6. Toggle handle

  7. Push-to-trip button

  8. Protection/trip curve

  9. Connection system cover

  10. Mounting bracket screw

  11. Power connection (mechanical lug, EverLink™ lug with control wire terminal, compression lug / busbar)

  12. Safety and information labels

  13. Device identification, certification marks, and UL interrupting ratings

  14. MN or MX presence indicator

  15. OF presence indicator

QR Code

Scan the QR code to get additional information about the circuit breaker from the Schneider Electric web site. To scan the QR code, use a smartphone that is equipped with a camera and installed with a QR code reader.

I-Line Circuit Breaker Accessories

  1. Rear insulating screen

  2. Fixed toggle handle padlock device (OFF and ON)

  3. Fixed toggle handle padlock device (OFF only)

  4. Removable toggle handle padlocking device (OFF only)

  5. Compression lug / busbar connector

  6. Terminal spreaders

  7. Power distribution connectors

  8. Aluminum mechanical lug

  9. Copper mechanical lug

  10. EverLink lug with control wire terminal

  11. Torque limiting breakaway bits

  12. Interphase barriers

  13. Long terminal shield

  14. OF or SD auxiliary contact

  15. OF auxiliary contact pre-wired

  16. SD auxiliary contact pre-wired

  17. MN or MX voltage release

  18. MN undervoltage release pre-wired

  19. S MX shunt trip pre-wired

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