Description of a Circuit Breaker with a 9421 Rotary Handle

Class 9421 Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanism

Class 9421 Type L circuit breaker operating mechanisms are heavy-duty all-metal construction mechanisms with trip indication. When the enclosure door is open, the operating mechanism can be padlocked in the O (OFF) position. When the enclosure door is closed, the handle can be locked in the O (OFF) position, which also locks the door closed.

The 6-inch handles accept up to three padlocks. The 3-inch handles accept one padlock.

Complete Kits for Class 9421 Operating Mechanism

Complete kits are rated for NEMA Type 1, 3R and 12 enclosures, and a door-drilling template is supplied to ease installation. The kits include a handle assembly, operating mechanism, and shaft assembly.

PowerPact B Front Face with 9421 Rotary Handle

The controls, indicators, and locking mechanism are located as follows:

  • The operating control is on the enclosure door.

  • The operation indicators are on the circuit breaker and on the door plate.

  • The locking mechanism is on the circuit breaker (door open) or on the door plate (door closed).

The following figure shows the Class 9421 circuit breaker operating mechanism.

  1. Operating mechanism

  2. Long shaft support bracket

  3. Long shaft

  4. Standard 6-inch handle

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