Description of a Circuit Breaker with a Side Rotary Handle

PowerPact B Front Face with Side Rotary Handle

The controls, indicators, and locking mechanism are located on the following parts of the circuit breaker:

  • The operating control is on the side plate.

  • The operation indicators are on the circuit breaker and on the side plate.

  • The locking mechanism is on the side plate.

The following figure shows the controls and indicators for a circuit breaker with a side rotary handle.

Information about the other parts of the front face is available in the general description (see Unit-Mount Circuit Breaker Description).

  1. Side rotary handle

  2. Device identification

  3. QR code

  4. Push-to-trip button

QR Code

Scan the QR code to get additional information about the circuit breaker from the Schneider Electric web site. To scan the QR code, use a smartphone that is equipped with a camera and installed with a QR code reader.

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