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Only use the EPO button in case of emergency. When the EPO button is pushed, the system turns off the rectifier and the inverter, and stops supplying the load immediately.

hazard of electric shock, explosion, or arc flash
The UPS control circuit will remain active after the EPO has been pushed if mains is available.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.

Status LEDs

  LED Status
A Rectifier

Green : Rectifier is working correctly.

Flashing green : Rectifier is working correctly and mains is normal.

Red : Rectifier is inoperable.

Flashing red : Mains is unavailable.

OFF : Rectifier is off.

B Battery

Green : Battery is charging.

Flashing green : Battery is discharging.

Red : Battery is inoperable.

Flashing red : Battery low voltage.

OFF : Battery and battery charger are normal, battery is not charging.

C Bypass

Green : Load supplied by bypass source.

Red : Bypass source is unavailable or static bypass switch is inoperable.

Flashing red : Bypass voltage is out of tolerance.

OFF : Bypass source is normal.

D Inverter

Green : Load supplied by inverter.

Flashing green : Inverter on, start, synchronization or standby (ECO mode) for at least one module.

Red : Load not supplied by inverter, inverter is inoperable.

Flashing red : Load supplied by inverter, but an inverter alarm is present.

OFF : Inverter is off.

E Load

Green : UPS output is on.

Red : Overload on UPS output for too long, or output has shorted, or no output power present.

Flashing red : Overload on UPS output.

OFF : UPS output is off.

F Status

Green : Normal mode.

Red : Inoperable status.

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