Schneider Electric Green Premium™ Ecolabel


Green Premium is a label that allows you to develop and promote an environmental policy while preserving your business efficiency. This ecolabel is compliant with up-to-date environmental regulations.

Accessing Green Premium

Green Premium data on labeled products can be accessed online through any of the following ways:

  • By navigating to the Green Premium page on the Schneider Electric website.

  • By navigating to the product page on the mySchneider application on your smartphone

    NOTE: To download and install the mySchneider app, scan the QR code on the front face of any Schneider Electric product and click the mySchneider link to go to your app store.

Checking Products Through the Schneider Electric Website

To check the environmental criteria of a product using a PC or smartphone, follow these steps:




On the Green Premium page, select Sustainability > For customers > Green Premium products .


Click Check your product and access environmental data .


On the page Check a product, manually enter the commercial reference or product range of the product to search for.

NOTE: You can also select the Search a list of part numbers tab to send a file with a list of commercial references of products to search for.


To search for several products simultaneously, click Add product and then fill in the fields.


Click Check product(s) to generate a report of the environmental criteria available for the products with the entered commercial references.


A window named Green Premium Declaration appears. Click on I accept to access the product information.


The Check a product page is displayed with the list of documents for the selected products for each type of environmental data. Each document can be downloaded to your PC.

Checking Products Through the mySchneider App

To check the environmental criteria of a product using mySchneider app on your smartphone, follow these steps:




Open the mySchneider app.


In the search field at the top of the Product Catalog page:

  • Enter the commercial reference of the product to search for

  • or press the QR code icon in the search box and scan the QR code on the front face of the product to search for.


When the page of the commercial reference searched for opens, scroll down and select Green Premium.


The Green Premium documents attached to the product are listed on the Green Premium page.

Select the required document to refer or download it.

Environmental Criteria

The Green Premium ecolabel provides documentation on the following criteria about the environmental impact of the products:

  • RoHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive

    • For European Union

    • For China

  • REACh: European Union Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals regulation.

  • Product Environmental Profile (PEP)

  • End of Life Instructions (EoLI).


Schneider Electric products are subject to RoHS requirements at a worldwide level, even for the many products that are not required to comply with the terms of the regulation. Compliance certificates are available for products that fulfill:
  • The RoHS criteria defined by the European Union.

  • The RoHS criteria defined by China.


Schneider Electric applies the strict REACh regulation on its products at a worldwide level, and discloses extensive information concerning the presence of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in all of these products.

Product Environmental Profile (PEP)

Schneider Electric publishes complete set of environmental data, including carbon footprint and energy consumption data for each of the life cycle phases on all of its products, in compliance with the ISO 14025 PEP ecopassport program. Product environmental profile is especially useful for monitoring, controlling, saving energy, and/or reducing carbon emissions.

End of Life Instructions (EoLI)

The end of life instructions are in compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive and provide:

  • Recyclability rates for Schneider Electric products.

  • Guidance to mitigate personnel hazards during the dismantling of products and before recycling operations.

  • Part identification for recycling or for selective treatment, to mitigate environmental hazards/incompatibility with standard recycling processes.

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