Modbus TCP/IP Filtering


The Modbus TCP/IP Filtering page allows you to define the level of access for Modbus TCP/IP clients connected to IFE interface.

Block Connections

You can select the maximum number of IP connections allowed, 8 or 16. Each connection can have 12 concurrent transactions simultaneously.

NOTE: When the maximum number of IP connections is changed, a message pops-up on the screen Max Connection is changed. Restart the Device to Take Effect and prompts to restart the device.

If IP Filtering is enabled, you must configure the IP address of the PC in the list of allowed addresses with read/write permission for using the EcoStruxure Power Commission software.

IP Filtering




Enable IP Filtering

Activates the IP address filtering. The list of IP addresses available in the table is granted access.

  • Enabled

  • Disabled (No filtering)

IP Address

Filters the required IP address entered by you.

10 addresses (Maximum allowed IP addresses)

Access level

Defines the access level for the corresponding IP address.

  • Read: The following Modbus TCP/IP function codes are allowed:

    • 1 (0x01)

    • 2 (0x02)

    • 3 (0x03)

    • 4 (0x04)

    • 7 (0x07)

    • 8 (0x08)

    • 11 (0x0B)

    • 12 (0x0C)

    • 17 (0x11)

    • 20 (0x14)

    • 24 (0x18)

    • 43 (0x2B), with subfunction codes 14 (0x0E), 15 (0x0F), and 16 (0x10).

    • 100 (0x64)

  • None : The access to the IP address is blocked.

  • Read/Write : Full access is provided.

Allow Anonymous IP

Allows all Modbus TCP/IP clients to have the read-only access.

  • Enabled

  • Disabled (default setting)

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