The DEVICES page allows you to select the data of the device connected to the IFE interface to publish (24 data maximum).The way to publish the data is set on the DATA PUBLISHING page Data Publishing.

The device connected to the IFE interface ULP port is automatically detected and added to the IFE interface in the device list.

The users with Installer or Engineer role can change the device settings.

NOTE: The webpages are supported only for the devices added in the device list.

Navigation to the Devices Page

To view the DEVICES page, click SETTINGS > DEVICES .

Device Settings




Device Type

Displays the device type.

NOTE: The Device Type field is auto-detected and it is unavailable to edit.


Allows you to enter the names of the devices.

  • The LV breaker system is uniquely identified over possible interfaces such as HMI, Modbus/TCP, DPWS, and DHCP.

  • Device name is common across all interfaces. Thus, changing device name by any means has direct impact on all the connected interfaces.

  • The device name cannot be changed while Data Publishing is enabled.

The device name can have up to 63 ASCII characters with the following characters: A–Z, a–z, 0–9, and -. However, - cannot be used at the beginning or at the end of the name.

  • Device name should be unique within the device list.

  • Duplicate names for different devices may have impact on web applications, logging, and export features.

IP Address/Server ID

Displays the device IP address and the local address of the device connected to the IFE interface or remote device.

  • For IFE interface: The IP Address/Server ID box is unavailable to edit.

  • For remote device: Allows you to enter IP address in the IP Address/Server ID box.

For ULP port: 255 (Default setting)

Data Publishing

Allows you to enable the publication of data from the device connected to the IFE interface (disabled by default).

The data is selected to publish while Data Publishing is enabled.

There are eight categories for data publishing

Default values:

Apparent Energy (kVAh)

Active Energy (kWh)

Reactive Energy (kVARh)

Selection of the Data to Publish

The data to publish are listed in 8 categories:

  • Current

  • Voltage

  • Power

  • Energy

  • Demand Current

  • Demand Power

In each category, the list of data to publish is adapted to the device connected to the IFE interface.

A maximum of 24 data can be selected for publication, out of which the following 3 data are selected by default:

  • Apparent Energy (kVAh)

  • Active Energy (kWh)

  • Reactive Energy (kVARh)

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