Safety standards compliance requirements


The device is SIL 2 and SIL 1 certified in compliance with IEC 61508: 2010 (standard related to Functional Safety) and IEC 61557-15: 2014 (based on IEC 61508, specific for IT systems using IMDs and IFLs devices).

The classification of safety function:

Function SIL

RLW (Remote Location Warning)

Used with relay output


RLW (Remote Location Warning)

Used with relay and Modbus output


The following model and commercial references are certified:

Model Commercial Reference


The device and accessories (voltage adaptors) certification is valid if the installation and wiring of the system abides with the description explained.

Product Setup

To comply with the Functional Safety Standards requirements, the device must be configured using the following parameters, accessible by selecting Menu > Settings > I/O Config:

Parameter Description Value
Ins. Al. Relay Insulation alarm relay FS
Ack. Al. Relay Allow triggering relays when acknowledging alarm OFF
Test w. Relays Toggle Relays during manual auto test OFF

For detailed information about these parameters, see I/O configuration.

Set the following register value using Modbus interface:


Address Register R/W Unit Type Range Description
dec hex dec hex
1102 44E 1103 44F R Uint16 Product alarm status
  • Bit 1...12 - Channel status for channel 1 to 12 respectively

    This bit is set for the corresponding channel for any of the following states:

    • Active alarm

    • Alarm acknowledged

    • Toroid disconnect

    • First measurement

    • Channel error

  • Bit 13 - System error

    This bit is set for the following states:

    • Voltage signal unavailable

    • Toroid disconnect

    • No toroid

  • Bit 14 - Product error

    This bit is set for Product failure state.

1103 44F 1104 450 R Uint16 Compliment for product alarm status
1104...1105 450...451 1105...1106 451...452 R Uint32 0...0XFFFFFFFF Status counter

For detailed information about these registers, see Modbus registers table.

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