You can reset logs and trends. Further, you can perform factory reset.

You can access the device reset parameters by selecting Menu > Settings > Reset.

The reset parameters are Reset Logs, Reset Trend, and Factory Reset.

On performing reset of logs or trends, the existing logs or trend information is erased but the settings parameter value remains unchanged. On performing factory reset, the device restarts and automatic commissioning is initiated. Also, settings parameter values are reset to default.

The complete list of settings parameters, its default value, and allowed values are:

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Parameter Default Value Allowed Values
Ins. Alarm

10 kΩ

0.2...200 kΩ

Ins. Al. Delay 0 s 0 s...120 mn
App Power C
  • Power C

  • Control C

Filtering 40s

  • 5s

  • 40s

  • 400s

Frequency 50 Hz
  • 50 Hz

  • 60 Hz

  • 400 Hz

  • DC

V.Adapt None
  • None

  • VA1T

Channel Name CHANNEL – 1 to CHANNEL – 12 for 12 channels
  • A to Z

  • a to z

  • 0 to 9

  • Special characters (Hyphen-minus (-), Slash (/), Percent(%), Full stop (.), (blank))

The length of the channel name is automatically adjusted depending on the character selection. For example, if the channel name contains only the character “W”, then the maximum length is 8 characters and if the channel name contains only the character “I”, then the maximum length is 18 characters.

Ins. Al. Relay FS
  • FS

  • Std.

Ack. Al. Relay ON
  • ON

  • OFF

Test w.Relays ON
  • ON

  • OFF

Address 1 1...247
Baudrate 19200
  • 4800

  • 9600

  • 19200

  • 38400

Parity Even
  • None

  • Even

  • Odd

Modify Password 0000 0000...9999
Activation (Password) OFF
  • ON

  • OFF

Contrast 50% 10...100%
Backlight 100% 10...100%
Screen Saver OFF
  • ON

  • OFF

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