Device overview

The device is a digital insulation fault locator (IFL) for low-voltage ungrounded power systems. An insulation monitoring device (IMD) must be connected to the ungrounded system where the device is connected. The device along with IMD locates the first fault and signals fault as alarm.

IMD monitors the insulation resistance of the system by injecting a signal. This technique is used for all power system types - AC, DC, combined, rectified, with a variable speed drive, etc. The device is connected to the channels of the system using Toroid. The device uses the injected signal from the IMD to monitor the individual channel circuits’ insulation resistance. The device alerts when one or more of the monitored channels resistance is lower than the defined threshold and identifies the faulty channels. The device also provides local channel resistance values, which is used for more precise monitoring of individual channels within the system for the purposes of preventative maintenance.

The device offers the following features:

  • Fault location up to 12 channels

  • Fast fault location (time < 5 s)

  • Dedicated commissioning mode for quick installation verification

  • Auto-detects and configures compatible toroids in commissioning mode

  • Configurable filtering

  • Detection of insulation faults in accordance to the configured threshold

  • Transient fault indication

  • Relay for fault indication

  • Communication via Modbus RS-485 protocol

  • Configurable channel name

  • Configurable insulation threshold per channel

  • Configurable insulation alarm time delay per channel

  • Insulation resistance display (R)

  • Leakage capacitance display (C) with associated impedance (Zc)

  • Insulation fault log

  • Trends of the insulation resistance

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