Modbus functions

The device supports Modbus function codes.
The following table is profiled. Check for profiling before editing.
Function Code Function Name
Decimal Hexadecimal
3 0x03 Read Holding Registers *
4 0x04 Read Input Registers *
6 0x06 Write Single Register
8 0x08 Diagnostic Modbus
16 0x10 Write Multiple Registers
43 / 14 0x2B / 0E Read Device Identification
43 / 15 0x2B / 0F Get Date/Time
43 / 16 0x2B / 10 Set Date/Time

Read Device Identification request

Number Type Value
0 VendorName

Schneider Electric

1 ProductCode IMDIFL12MCN
2 MajorMinorRevision XXX.YYY.ZZZ
3 VendorURL


4 ProductName Insulation Fault Locator
5 ModelName IFL12MCN

The device answers any type of requests (basic, regular, extended).

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