Special Features

Refer to 2110CT9701 , 1640CT0801 , 4620CT9601

Main Circuit Breaker Without Overload Trip

(Automatic Molded Case Switch)

  • (Not UL Listed)

Shunt Trip Circuit Breakers

Special Features

For information on the following special features, please see the Supplemental and Obsolescence Digest.

  • Powerlogic metering [1]

  • Customer equipment space (NQ and NF) [1]

  • Increased box depth [1]

  • Increased gutters–top, bottom, and sides [1]

  • Non-standard paint [1]

  • Welded base channel [1]

  • Type 1 gasketed [1]

  • Type 2 drip hood [1]

  • Type 3R/4/4X/5/12 stainless steel enclosure [1]

  • Type 4X fiberglass enclosure [1]

  • Stainless steel trim front [1]

  • Padlockable hasp [1]

  • Special locks (Corbin, Yale, Best) [1]

  • Equal height boxes [1]

  • Common trim to cover two equal height boxes [1]

  • Panelboard skirthides conduits feeding a panelboard [1]

  • Panelboard wirewayfor terminating conduit in wireway endwall [1]

  • Keyed mechanical interlocking of two or more circuit breakers (I-Line and QMB) [1]

  • Motor operators (I-Line only)

  • Panelboard interiors and special fronts to fit existing boxes

  • A standard panelboard box has one blank endwall and one with knockouts. Blank endwalls or knockouts in both endwalls are also available [1]

Space-saving I-Line Smart Cell

Space-saving module for value-added digital solutions. The modular Square D I-Line Smart Cell enables value-added solutions in I-Line panelboards in a variety of combinations. The space-saving, self-contained unit fits onto the I-Line bus in place of a breaker, and allows the I-Line panelboard to be transformed into a digital communication or metered electrical distribution solution.

Smart Cells are available for:

  • IFE Ethernet Modbus TCP interface with basic Web pages

  • IFM Modbus serial interface

  • Energy Reduction Maintenance Setting (ERMS)

  • Maintenance Mode Switch (MMS)

  • EM3560, PM5563 or PM8244 meter with or without communications

  • Gateway & Data Logger

The I-Line Smart Cell assemblies are intended for use in HCP, HCP-SU, and HCR-U I-Line panelboards. The I-Line Smart Cell can be included in your Square D I-Line factory-assembled equipment or ordered individually for field installations such as Retrofit or RTI.

For more information refer to Handout (2700HO1501) or User Guide (NHA999570).

For Surgelogic™ I-Line plug-on SPD information, starting on Digest Externally Mounted SPDs.For field-installable I-Line door kits, see the Supplemental and Obsolescence Digest, Section 4.


  1. Supported by the Panelboard Product Selector.

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