Set Initial Module Address

NOTE: Before you begin, consider which address range to use. The number of addresses in the range needs to be equal to the number of modules. For example, the start address 1 and the end address 35 will program 35 modules with the address range 1-35. Another example, the start address 76 and the end address 89 will program 14 modules with the address range 76-89.

From the programmer page:

  1. Under the Range section, in the Start field enter the start address of the range.
  2. In the End field enter the end address of the range.
  3. Click Start to begin. The LED flashes red on all connected modules, this indicates that they are ready to get addresses assigned.
  4. Press the button with the special pen to assign an address to the module. The LED flashes green after the address was successfully assigned.
  5. Repeat step 4 for each module. A progress bar is shown in the programmer page.

After all modules are successfully addressed the status of the progress bar will change to succeeded.

The address programming can be manually stopped. For example if the specified range was larger than the number of modules. To stop the address programming click Stop on the programmer page.

NOTE: After the address programming succeeded or stopped, the status LEDs are green or flashing green.
If the status LEDs are not green or not flashing green the registration process did not finalize and the module addresses must be reset. To reset the address of all modules to factory default check the reset box and click Start. Then wait until the reset process finishes before starting to register the addresses again.
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