Module Ports, LEDs and Buttons

Part Name Description/Status
(A) Operation mode status LED Depending on the color and flashing speed the module is in different modes:
  • Green: Operation mode (address is programmed and communication is active).
  • Flashing green: Ready mode (address is programmed but communication is not active).
  • Alternating green and red: Search mode.
  • Red: Alarm mode (measurements are above or below the set threshold).
  • Flashing red: Default mode (no programmed address, default delivery state or after address reset).
  • Fast flashing red: Programming mode (address programming in progress, ready to be registered).
  • Off: Sleep mode (connected to the measuring cable but communication is not active).
(B) BACS bus ports Two RJ10 ports for bus connection.
(C) Address registration button Used to register a module when programming the address range of the setup. Can be pressed with the special accessory pen.
(D) Measurement cable port One port for the battery measurement cable connection.
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