Firmware Update

It is recommended to use the latest firmware update available for the webmanager. To update the firmware:

  1. From your country website, download the latest firmware to your PC.

  2. Log in to the web interface.

  3. Navigate to System > Update.

  4. Drag the firmware file to the box or click to select the firmware file. It is not necessary to unpack the file.

    NOTE: Make sure that none of the boxes for Reset to factory settings or Reset network to factory settings are checked. If they are checked, the configurations will be lost and cannot be retrieved unless a backup of the settings was made.
  5. Click Start.

  6. The update manager will start and guide you through the update.

  7. When prompted, restart the webmanager.

  8. After the restart navigate to System > About to verify that the firmware update was successful.

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