Create the Single Line Diagram of the Panel

This part creates the single line diagram of the electrical diagram of the panel.

It is accessible by clicking the Single Line Diagram button. Navigation in the single line diagram is similar to navigation in the electrical diagram.

A functional mark is generated in the single line diagram for each product listed in the Appendix 1. It is identified by a letter indicating the function and a number indicating the position of the device in the diagram (from left to right and then from the top to the bottom whatever the function is).

A locking button located at the top right of the screen allows to freeze the numbering. It is then possible to modify the single line diagram without modifying the existing functional marks. The numbers of the new functional marks will be added to the last number created before the locking, whatever the position is in the single line diagram.

After unlocking, all the functional marks are automatically redesigned according to numbering principle mentioned above.

Notes can be added by typing in the corresponding zone top left .

For each branch, a set of characteristics can be added in the title block table below the single line diagram by clicking in a cell and typing the text.

NOTE: No change in the electrical diagram is possible from this page.

The single line diagram can be generated in .pdf format by clicking the Export button; it is also accessible from the Documents page.

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