Create a Favorite Products or a Group of Favorites

This function is accessible to logged in users only.

  • To create a favorite product for a role, click the white star in the role card with this product. The white star turns green, the favorite product is added in the list for the role.

  • To view the list of favorite products created for each role, click My Favourite tab on the left side of the screen.

  • To add a favorite product in the electrical diagram, drag it from the list and drop it in the electrical diagram. It is possible to drag and drop a favorite product directly into the corresponding role card in the electrical diagram.

  • To cancel a favorite, click the green star in the card either in My Favourite tab or in the electrical diagram. The star turns white and the favorite product disappears from the list.

  • The same product can be selected as favorite for several roles.

    The list of favorite products is accessible for any existing or new project created with the user’s login. It is possible to display a selection of roles in My Favorite list.

    The creation of a group of favorites is similar but concern the perimeter of several cards connected together. The group of favorites is created by clicking on the 3 dot icon of the upstream card of the concerned group and then selecting Create a group of favorite, once the downstream cards are configurated. Then the group of favorite appears in the workbench in the concerned section with the given designation if the user has used the designation possibility.

    This function is particularly useful to define a groupfeeder type with downstream outgoers or to define a type of protection associated with a load circuit control or a scheduling-management card.

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